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Why would I need an electrical upgrade?

Unfortunately, older buildings were never wired with modern day requirements in mind. Today, nearly everything we use is electrical - from monitors, computers and laptops to higher power usage equipment such as servers and server racks, power chargers for phones, air conditioning systems, telecoms, lighting, heating and pretty much everything else.

Often, an older electrical system will cause issues such as power outages, tripped breakers and overloaded circuits which, if left, can cause serious issues in the future such as electrical wiring melting and even fire.

Older systems can also be wired in a single loop for all sockets - which means that in the event of an issue, this takes the power away from ALL users, meaning potentially massive downtime for your organisation or business.

Therefore upgrading your electrical system is essential, especially in older properties that have been refurbished or re-purposed for a new use.

DGR Building Maintenance have been providing electrical upgrades for customers since 2010 and can call upon a team of skilled electrical engineers to assist with any electrical upgrade requirement.

What problems does an old or faulty electrical system cause?

Having an old electrical system causes a range of potential problems for your business, including:

  • Fire hazard - one of the largest causes of fires in property is due to bad wiring - either through age or through a poorly installed system. When that wiring becomes exposed or heated, for example when it's placed too closely to heating pipes for example, wiring can short causing anything around the cable to potentially ignite.
  • Electrocution - In the event of old wiring, or even wiring that has been installed badly, the current within the wiring does not get transferred through the cabling correctly. Over time, this causes holes in the wiring or the insulation. This in turn can cause serious electrocution risk.
  • Efficiency - in some cases, the appliance or electrical system becomes inefficient due to wear and tear and general neglect. This has the knock-on effect of costing more money to run the appliance, increasing the overall cost of the electricity usage within the property.
  • Lifespan of appliances - if the wiring is able to manage the power safely, it could potentially short appliances.
  • Overload - old systems may simply not be able to cope with the amount of power that's being requested of it due to the use of modern technology and appliances, causing a potential of a serious overload of the system.

Are there any ways which electrical issues can be identified?

Sometimes there are some small ways in which you can see that an electrical system is not coping with the requirements being asked of it. These include:

  • Breakers constantly tripping
  • Fuses being blown frequently
  • If you or an employee feels a slight tingling sensation when touching an electrical appliance, light switch or socket
  • Lights flickering or losing power
  • If there is a noticable electrical smell when appliances are switched on or in use
  • If sockets have a discoloured appearance

If you experience any of these issues, it's time to call in the professionals of DGR Building Maintenance who can then run a full electrical inspection and offer advice on either repairs or upgrades for your property.

How can DGR Building Maintenance help with electrical issues?

Should you have an immediate electrical issue, we can assist through providing re-active maintenance and emergency electrical repair. Our experienced electrical engineers will attend the site and make the property / area safe before investigating the reason for the electrical emergency. We'll then provide a detailed quotation for the cost in repairing the work involved.

We can also provide electrical inspection as part of our planned and preventative maintenance agreements. Provided as agreed and as part of the SLA, the DGR team will inspect on an "as needed" basis dependent on the size and power usage of the property.

We also provide one-off electrical inspections and electrical upgrades for any business to help bring their property up to specification.

DGR provide electrical help to a range of commercial, industrial, retail, education and leisure clients across the UK and no job is too large for us to quote for.

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