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What is Planned & Preventative Maintenance (PPM)?

Planned and preventative maintenance is a service which DGR Building Maintenance provides to businesses in reducing the risk of having to make an emergency call out.

Planned maintenance is a very pro-active approach that can be taken to property management, and one which long term can save a company a great deal of money.

The key with PPM (Planned & Preventative Maintenance) is identifying and preventing potential issues occurring before they do. By doing so, you're reducing the impact and risk that re-active property maintenance can cause including additional cost, loss of time and loss of reputation.

Why should you consider a planned maintenance contract?

"Prevention is better than the cure" is a phrase which can be aptly used to describe PPM, because correctly managed planned and preventative maintenance can prevent serious issues occurring, reducing potential downtime and also ensuring that your property is well maintained.

By identifying problems, ideally before they occur, or at the very least as they occur is a sound and prudent method of reducing maintenance costs.

The RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) recommends as good practice 70% planned maintenance and 30% corrective or urgent / reactive repairs and maintenance. Creating a strategic budget for your property maintenance is good practice, and by allocating a percentage of that to be dedicated to a regular maintenance plan make good sense.

What are some examples of Preventative Maintenance?

Preventative maintenance is resolving issues before they escalate into something larger. For example, identifying a leaking gutter on a property and repairing it quickly could prevent serious structural damage occurring, or repairing a broken slate or tile could be the difference between a quick and easy fix and a much larger roof repair if left untreated.

Any problem which may escalate into a larger issues if left unresolved has the potential to cause serious issues in the future. DGR have been providing property maintenance to companies across the North West and the UK for over 10 years, and are the trusted partner by business both large and small.

What does Planned & Preventative Maintenance cover?

When you consider all of the vital aspects within your property, if any of those were to fail or run into disrepair it could cause serious implications on the running of your business. A DGR property maintenance contract can cover:

  • Lighting and power
  • Plumbing, hot water, washrooms and toilets
  • Telephone systems, networks and internet access
  • Electrical wiring, consumer units and appliances
  • Security such as CCTV and alarms
  • Heating systems and air-conditioning
  • Glazing, windows and door maintenance
  • Roofing and property insulation

What are the benefits of PPM for our business?

Many businesses opt to have a PPM plan because of the benefits it provides. Obviously, with a PPM plan you do have to consider a monthly fee, but we believe the benefits far outweigh this potential issue:

  • Risk¬†- by having a dedicated PPM plan in place, you're reducing the potential risk that a serious issue may cause... which may include legal implications if properties are not maintained correctly and a serious incident were to occur.
  • Cost - by identifying problems and resolving these before they occur, you are in fact reducing the chance of a serious emergency repair bill, plus the costs of the downtime and legal issues that could occur.
  • Time - by having a PPM plan with DGR, we provide you with a service level agreement (SLA) and committed timescales for site attendance. Unfortunately, when you're relying on a company without a SLA, they may not be immediately available and you may struggle to find one who can attend quickly.
  • Trust - when you have an agreement in place, you can trust that business to be your point of contact for all maintenance that is within the service agreement. A single point of contact also ensure that, when dealing with a range of different service requirements, you've got a dedicated project manager who is experienced and capable of dealing with many different stakeholders.

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