Property Refurbishment

Looking for a Property Refurbishment?

From hotels to retail buildings and commercial properties, DGR provide a full refurbishment service

What is Property Refurbishment?

Property refurbishment and renovation is about reusing and updating an existing property, perhaps to provide more space, convert the property with new layouts, or just to modernise an existing workplace.

Unfortunately, older properties sometimes do not have the infrastructure in place to work for modern use. For example, the property may have inadequate and unreliable plumbing systems, lighting systems which are not ideal for use in an office environment, may not have enough power sockets or do not comply with modern building regulations.

More often than not, updating an existing property is more cost effective than moving into new premises, or utilising an existing building for new purposes cheaper than buying a new build. And at DGR Building Maintenance, we've got the team and the skills to assist.

What property refurbishment services do DGR provide? 

We offer a turnkey solution for all of your property refurbishment needs. Starting with the initial project inspection and discussion with the client, we'll assess the needs of the business and then build a complete project plan based on those requirements and the budget available.

There are many aspects to property refurbishment to consider which could include:

  • Plumbing and central heating including water supplies for bathrooms and kitchens
  • Electrical supply, electrical socket placement and network cabling
  • Communications including wiring and sockets
  • Glazing, windows and doors
  • Lighting fixtures and cabling
  • Air conditioning
  • Brickwork and plastering
  • Storage
  • Ceiling, suspended ceilings and roof work
  • Floor coverings, carpets, tiles or laminate / woodwork
  • Fixtures and fittings, such as counters and worktops
  • Appliances
  • Decoration

For a full property renovation, this may also include the installation of new or updating of existing utility equipment.

We've provided property refurbishment solutions for a range of clients across the UK, including leading brands such as William Hill, Home Bargains, B&M and Holiday Inn as well as charitable organisations such as Queenscourt Hospice right here in Southport.

What types of projects can you assist with?

At DGR, we're happy to provide to provide:

  • A complete service, i.e. one from design, implementation to completion with full project management
  • A refurbishment service from a pre-made design
  • We're also happy to offer a project management delivery service, working with all stakeholders and either providing part of complete project delivery services

Because we've worked with a variety of clients across many sectors, we're comfortable either being the "one stop shop" provider or just delivering services as part of a larger project.

What are the advantages of property refurbishment?

Having an existing property refurbished exactly to your specification offers a range of benefits including:

  • Functionality - By redesigning you can plan the project so that it delivers exactly against your requirements, not restricted by any constraints. It can deliver more space if needed, additional rooms through partitions or simply provide a more functional workspace in an office or retail environment.
  • Improve the company image - providing a "facelift" to a property can not only raise the company's image to it's clients, but also to staff. Your team are more likely to be more motivated, improve productivity and even increase morale and retention rates if they are comfortable and happy in their working environment.
  • Cost - In most cases, improving and updating your existing premises can be as, if not more cost effective than moving to different offices or even a different location. Also, if you're in a location which is best suited for clients or one easily accessible, it may simply make more sense to update rather than move.

What type of property refurbishment do you offer?

DGR have been offering property refurbishment to a range of industrial, commercial, leisure, charitable and retail companies across the UK since 2010. These include:

  • Hotel refurbishments
  • Public House & restaurant refubishments
  • Office refurbishments
  • Factories, warehouses and storage unit refurbishment
  • Retail premises refurbishment
  • Church & Community Centre refurbishment
  • Rail station refurbishment
  • School refurbishment
  • Charitable & hospice refurbishment

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