Work Package Project Management

Complete Turnkey Project Management Solutions

Working with multiple stakeholders and contractors, delivering complete project management

Do you provide property project management services?

The difficulty for most property projects is not finding contractors and companies to deliver services, but finding a competent and professional project management to work with all of the stakeholders invested in the project.

At DGR Building Maintenance we've been providing project management services to clients throughout the UK since 2010. Whether we provide a turnkey solution, where DGR organise and arrange all of the services required for the project, or whether you have your own service providers you wish to use, we can deliver project management to encompass the entire team.

How do you deal with multiple stakeholders for a work package?

When you have multiple stakeholders, including the property owner, a design team, a list of contractors or service providers as well as providing the necessary health and safety aspects, having a dedicated project management team in place is essential.

Delivering a work project plan, scheduling all of the different services within specified time frames whilst at the same time making sure that some aspect of work doesn't go long which in turn would delay another is a challenge which we encounter regularly, and is a service DGR have become established and respected in delivering.

A fully managed project involves:

  • A good understanding of each aspect of the project
  • Good communication
  • An attention to detail and a "critical eye"
  • The ability to handle stressful and difficult situations and to diffuse issues between third parties
  • The ability to "think outside of the box" when an issue becomes difficult and look for none standard solutions
  • A positive "can-do" attitude
  • Being able to deliver on promises and manage expectations

The project management team at DGR take a very analytical approach to project management, which is essential as each project needs to be broken down in to lots of smaller, self-contained projects but overlap with each other to become a core work project.

Why do I need a project manager?

A project management team ensures that:

  • A project runs on timescale and to budget
  • They will help manage budgeting for each individual component and control costs when issues occur
  • They will be responsible for delivery the quality of the project you expect
  • They will provide risk analysis and control the project from beginning to completion
  • They will be able to provide strategic advice through the lifecycle of the project, and be able to offer suggestions and ideas which were perhaps not part of the original work scope
  • They will keep the original vision of the project on course even through difficulties and challenges

Ultimately, the focus on any project manager is you, the client. It's their responsible to keep you informed of the project, whilst at the same time delivering on the agreed work scope.

Any project is a dynamic process with many moving parts. An inexperienced project manager could easily lose track of the bigger picture and cause the project to run long or over budget, or even project failure. You need a business you can trust to deliver on your vision and DGR can provide that level of expertise and skill you need.

We've been providing our professional project management skills to a wide range of clients from small retail shops to large brand names such as B&M, Debenhams and United Utilities across the UK, and our clients trust us to deliver on their project management requirements.

Should you need a project management team for your project, DGR have the experience and the range of skills to cope with any size work project, from small to large and are happy to deliver our project management expertise on a purely project management only basis, or to provide partial or complete service provision.

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