Fulwood Commercial Property Re-active & Emergency Maintenance and Repairs

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The professionals for re-active commercial property maintenance in Fulwood

If you have a commercial property in Fulwood, such as a warehouse, retail property, leisure and hospitality building (such as a hotel, restaurant or pub), offices or industrial unit and have a property emergency, you can count on DGR Building Maintenance to help.

We've been helping businesses across the UK for over ten years with their property requirements. From small to large projects, we're the trusted name that companies such as Holiday Inn, B&Ms and Home Bargains count on when it comes to helping them with a range of property services including re-active and emergency property maintenance.

For many businesses, when an emergency occurs it can cause serious problems such as:

  • safety to their customers and staff
  • loss of business
  • damage to stock and property

that's why when an emergency occurs, you need a company who can help you urgently but also with the knowledge and expertise to help with your problem.

Our initial main focus when we are called out to an emergency or re-active situation is to review the current building and make safe anything that could cause a danger. This could include utilities including gas, electricity and water as well as property damage which may cause injury.

We'll then make the area safe and then proceed with the property repair.

DGR are normally called out to two types of emergency / re-active property maintenance issues in Fulwood:

Examples of an emergency call out for Re-Active Maintenance

  • Storm damage - i.e. damage caused by serious winds for example roof damage (falling tiles or slates, damaged metal roofing), fallen trees and broken fences, loose guttering and fascias, broken windows and in more serious cases damage to property structures.
  • Flood & water damage - i.e. flooding through severe rain, rivers / streams overflowing and water damage caused by leaking water tanks and burst pipes.
  • Fire damage - usually caused by electrical failures within a property.
  • Vandalism - where damage is caused to a property, usually in the form of broken windows and doors or fire damage.
  • Structural damage - collapsed walls.

Examples of non-urgent Re-active Maintenance call outs

  • Vandalism - for example, graffiti or fly-tipping.
  • Electrical or Water loss - loss of power or water to a section of the property which is non-essential and not causing any serious hazards.
  • Lighting - for example, broken light bulbs.
  • Minor structural issues - broken plaster, damaged walls, decorative, mold etc.
  • Road, car-park & pavement - consider potholes and uneven surfaces caused by tarmac damage.
  • Plumbing, Electrical or Heating failure.
  • Negligence - accidental damage caused by staff.

The problems of commercial property re-active maintenance in Fulwood

Unfortunately, most re-active maintenance on commercial properties in the Fulwood could be avoided if regular property maintenance inspections and pro-active maintenance are undertaken. An emergency call out can be expensive, especially if issues occur out of hours or the issues is a serious ones.

That's why DGR offer a range of pro-active, planned and preventative commercial property maintenance services to businesses in Fulwood.

To find out more how we can help your business prevent potential major emergency issues, give us a call today on 01704 513550.

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